Project children’s daycare centre Goldhofer

The idea for the new day-care centre originates from an element of the Reggio pedagogy employed in the centre: to re-use things from second-hand. The re-utilisation of used material and recycling is a societal and ecological value which children should get familiarised with in an everyday, practical and tangible way. This can be concretely experienced and perceived in the building of the new day-care centre. Thus the old dwelling house of the trustor family is being reused and forms an elementary component of the day-care centre. The preservation also means a careful handling of the values built by the trustors. To achieve this, three parts of the existing building are being preserved, singularised and positioned underneath new cladding made of polycarbonate multiwall sheets. The interspaces between old and new – formerly outside, now inside – function as community areas with flexible uses and are part of the sustainable, cybernetic energy concept. The new cladding collects light and energy and facilitates the perception of the historic layer of uninsulated walls. Through the saving of “grey energy”, which is in the old building, and the activation of the existing, the energy concept follows the Reggio-idea of the creative and explorative handling of used material.