In urban planning, spatial concepts and qualities are vital.

Town planning, development of rural areas, urban design and urbanism have their own tools, scale and conditions.

For us, the importance lies in applying the spatial potential of architecture here as well, in order to develop town, village, region and landscape with quality.


„Architecture is the art of the articulation of spaces.“
(Umberto Eco)

Urban planning creates space, the quality of which can be experienced and becomes valuable through its use, everyday life and its ambience for inhabitants and the public.

As urban planners we integrate spatial design, building regulations, ecology and economy in an interdisciplinary way and by public participation – suitable for each place and brief.

We see ourselves as trustees for our clients, with social responsibility, in both statutory and non-statutory planning. We work on development plans, planning frameworks, rural development concepts, qualification of suburban residential and commercial areas, integrated urban development concepts, and carry out preparatory surveys and studies of Space Syntax.