Market Value Appraisal

A valuation report is the solid basis for far-reaching decisions about real estate and land.
In family matters, such as inheritance cases, divorce cases and asset allocations, an appraisal provides the objective value platform for real estate.
The appraisal not only takes into account the condition of the real estate, but also, for example, the conditions on the local market and the location of the real estate.

“The fair value (market value) is determined by the price that would be realised at the point in time to which the determination relates, in the ordinary course of business according to the legal conditions and actual properties, the other condition and location of the property or other object of valuation, without consideration of unusual or personal circumstances.” (§ 194 BauGB)

The real estate valuation is compiled according to the Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV 2010) and the Valuation Guidelines (WertR 2006).

We create market value appraisals for:

  • Undeveloped land as prospective building land and building land
  • Residential properties such as condominiums and other part-ownership, freestanding single-family houses, terraced houses and multi-storey residential buildings
  • Investment properties such as residential, commercial and office properties
  • For other inquiries, please contact us directly

Fair value appraisals are used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Valuation for the purpose of sale
  • Valuation of foreclosure sale
  • Valuation for the purpose of lending
  • Valuation in divorce disputes (determination of the gain)
  • Valuation for the purpose of taxation (unit value and land value assessment)
  • Valuation for the purpose of determining the insured value
  • Valuation for the purpose of accounting
  • Valuation and return expectation of real estate


Highest discretion is an elementary component of our activity.
We always guarantee each client absolute confidentiality, therefore we can only show you the anonymised outline data of the valuations carried out.
Knowledge gained during our activity is subject to confidentiality and does not serve exploitation of our own or of third party interests. (§ 15 SVO).
Excerpt from real estate valuations carried out:

Single-family houses

Apartment blocks


Commercial properties